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Located in Nashville, Tennessee (off of Gallatin Rd., East Nashville), Prime Cut Studio is owned and operated by award-winning producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist/graphic and website designer Daniel Dennis.

Since 2006, Daniel has produced, engineered, mixed, mastered, designed and performed on more than 70 independent artists' records (also numerous demos), in genres including country, americana, pop, rock, folk, metal, blues, jazz, world, and spoken word. Careful attention is given to capture and enhance each individual's unique style and sound.

Daniel Dennis offers the following services:



Daniel Crane "Might as Well"

Produced by Daniel Dennis & Daniel Crane
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis / Jon Conley (electric and acoustic guitar), Daniel Dennis (drums, bass, synth programming) / Daniel Crane (vocals)

Daniel Crane on iTunes

Colby Dee "Letting Go"

Produced by Daniel Dennis & Colby Dee / Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Dennis / Mastered by Erik Wolf / Geoff Sprung (bass), Matt Billingslea (drums), Jon Conley (electric and acoustic guitar), Mike Daly (pedal steel), Colby Dee (vocals), Jake Ethridge and Madison Dennis (background vocals)
Colby Dee Website

Karyn Rochelle "Better Off"

Produced by Daniel Dennis & Karyn Rochelle / Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis / Steve Bryant (bass), Daniel Dennis (percussion), Nathan Dugger (piano, acoustic, electric and bass guitar), Erick Hedrick (acoustic gutiar), Karyn Rochelle (vocals), Wanda Vick (fiddle)
Karyn Rochelle Website

Beth Crowley "Porcelain Heart"

Produced by Daniel Dennis & Beth Crowley / Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Dennis / Mastered by Erik Wolf / Daniel Dennis (acoustic guitar), Nathan Dugger (electric and bass guitar), Beth Crowley (piano, vocals), David Henry (strings)

Beth Crowley Website

Michael Jacobs "God Bless the Whole World"

Produced by Daniel Dennis & Michael Jacobs / Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis / Daniel Dennis (percussion), Lee Francis (bass), John Osbourne (electric guitar, mandolin), Michael Jacobs (acoustic guitar, vocals), David Henry (strings)
Michael Jacobs Website

Laura Vance "Big Sky (To Us)"

Produced by Daniel Dennis & Laura Vance / Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis / Daniel Dennis (drums), Nathan Dugger (piano, acoustic, electric and bass guitar), Laura Vance (vocals)

Laura Vance on Facebook

William King "It's Going Down Tonight"

Produced by Daniel Dennis, William King & Dakota Jay / Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis / Daniel Dennis (drum programming, electric guitar, bass, ganjo), Dakota Jay (acoustic guitar), William King & Dakota Jay (vocals)
Dakota and Will Website



"I've been a professional musician for nearly fifteen years and have recorded seven albums so far. I've recorded in several great studios in Nashville, Memphis, and Vancouver, BC, and worked with many wonderful people. But the best experience I've had is working with Daniel Dennis and Prime Cut Studio in Nashville. Daniel's an extremely talented and creative musician, engineer, producer, and graphic designer. He has great equipment and the studio sounds incredible. The CD I recorded there sounds better than anything I've done elsewhere. It's a very relaxing and comfortable environment in which to record, and Prime Cut also offered more value for my money than I had ever dreamed possible.

But above all, Daniel is a great guy to work with - he's personable and easy-going, yet knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to working with him and recording at Prime Cut Studio for a very long time. If you care about your music, you owe it to yourself and your fans to record at Prime Cut Studio."

» Michael Jacobs (multi-award-winning Native American recording artist)

Daniel Dennis of Prime Cut Studio in Nashville tackled my 7-song CD project with sincere passion and energy. He truly believed in my project, he believed in me and my music. Daniel sought some of the greatest musicians in the business and infused their styles and techniques with my original songs. He's incredibly patient and listens to all ideas put forth for the best possible end result. His graphic design skills are very solid as well. I'm proud of the design work he did for my CD as well as a few other projects. I served as Co-Producer of this project, and because of Daniel and his top-notch production studio, this was an amazing experience from start to finish.

» Colby Dee

"Iíve worked with Daniel Dennis on all three of my albums and have been more than satisfied with the results and experience creating the music. Working in Prime Cut Studio is always a relaxed atmosphere. I come into the studio with my songs and I have a high level of trust with Daniel that he will help create the feel and finished product I seek.

Daniel wears many hats as he has a great ability to do many things well. He plays multiple instruments and has access to talented session players. The finished song after his mixing and mastering are of high professional quality. Along with helping create and produce music, Daniel can come up with great graphic designs for album covers, download cards, and any other need for an artist and songwriter.

I recommend Daniel and Prime Cut Studio in Nashville for any artist and songwriter of any genre and experience. When I work with Daniel on a song, I know the end result will be one of high quality."

» Jeff Ruby

"I highly recommend Daniel Dennis and Prime Cut Studio in Nashville. We just finished a cd, "Take Me a Ride on the Moon," that is getting rave reviews for sound and design. Daniel caught my attention as producer of Shannon Cain's album. I thought it sounded like the Eagles, and that's some awesome production. He did the design for the script for last year's "Guy Walks Into A Bar..." my double cd concept album. I found him imaginative, intuitive, talented, dependable, professional, and easy to get along with. When I saw his new studio, I knew it would be perfect for the "Moon" project. And affordable.

"Take Me a Ride on the Moon" is a Horse Opry, inspired by Larry McMurtry's LONESOME DOVE. I explained to him that it was a concept album, with a story line, that it needed an 1870s feel... lots of wood and old timey piano sound. What I like about Daniel is that he "gets it." Then he really gets into it. He got into the movie and the book and devoted himself to the project. The guy loves his work and doesn't mind putting in the long days to meet a deadline. He hooked me up with some great musicians and added his own wonderfully innovative percussion and we achieved the sound I wanted. I'm amazed at his technical expertise and at his speed. Even his rough mixes are good. He has a great ear and taste to boot... ya can't teach that. As a producer and musician in his own right, he contributes his opinions and creative ideas. And best of all... he listens.

When the recording was done, he did an incredible job with the design... taking it beyond anything I had imagined. He sent it to Disc Makers and coordinated that process, an invaluable asset. I wound up with a great product at a great price. I'm a happy man. I've been recording albums since the 1970s and this is one of my best. I plan to make lots of music with Daniel Dennis in the future.

» Michael J. Martin

"Hereís the process: Call Prime Cut Studio in Nashville and Daniel will call you back that same day. Ask him about his rates and youíll smile knowing he can facilitate a dream on a budget. Ask him for his full attention on a project and youíll find he sees visions about it in his sleep. Ask him nothing and heíll take care of what you donít have time to ask.

Daniel exceeds expectations, makes you feel comfortable, and most importantly follows through on his promise. He promises that you will be happy with any and all the details of your project. He will embrace your music, artwork, and web design as his own and make you sound and look as professional as you should.

As a final note and last word, Daniel will take you and your creative concerns seriously, guiding you through the entire process seamlessly and thatís more than you can ask of anyone (even your own family)."

» Shelby Merchant



Studio rate is $45/hr, which includes Daniel Dennis producing, engineering, mixing, mastering, editing, vocal tuning and playing drums, acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Additional instrumentation (pedal steel, fiddle, piano, etc.) provided by some of Nashville's finest studio session players with varying rates. For more information and estimates, contact Daniel Dennis about your project.



Daniel Dennis
Phone: 615.582.7307

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